Mission Statement

 Our mission is to increase pet retention and improve the quality of life of pets in our community for families in need. 

Vision Statement

We are a trusted community resource for pet owners and other organization to keep families together. We assist families and increase pet retention through Education, Wellness, and Resources. 

Marlan Roberts

Families Better Together Outreach Manager

As a kid growing up, I always wanted to do something in animal welfare, my dream job was to be an animal control officer. I remember bringing home stray dogs and cats and locking them on my back porch so that they would be there when I woke up. I would get in big trouble but I didn’t care, I wanted to make sure that animal was safe and fed.

I started my animal welfare adventure at what is now called Kansas City Pet Project, formerly known as Halfway Home Pet Adoptions or the Kansas City Animal Shelter. Working at the city shelter was a huge eye opener for me. It taught me so much about animal care/welfare and pet owners that I would have never imagined. Those experiences lead me to where I am today.
 I enjoy working with/for Spay and Neuter Kansas City’s Families Better Together program. This program is so essential to meeting the needs of families who are low-income or in underserved communities but love their pets. Our non-judgmental approach is what sets our program aside from so many others. We are in the streets daily trying to make a difference in families lives.
In my free time I enjoy traveling and just enjoying life for what it is. In the near future I plan to enroll back into college and shoot for the stars. I am positive animal welfare will play a role in my future endeavors.


David Shapiro

Resource and Administrative Coordinator

While this is my first job dealing with animal welfare, I’ve been a friend to animals my whole life. As a kid I spent lots and lots of time with dogs, and as an adult I’ve taken a shine to those bewhiskered purr factories known as cats. I have two one-eyed cats (Moody and Tenar), and one two-eyed cat (Squeaks). They are the light of my life, and my partner and I are vocal advocates for animal rights. Getting to work for Spay and Neuter Kansas City is an exciting opportunity for me to have a positive impact on the community and help animals at the same time, so it’s a win-win situation

In my spare time I run a cooking blog with my partner, bake bread, write fiction and essays, read books, make music, and play video games, but if you put in a pie chart, let’s say, my free time would be 40% petting cats, 30% video games, and then 30% all that other stuff.

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Ronnie Luna

Field Operations Specialsts

I am a champion of various animal welfare efforts and have been working in the animal care field for nearly ten years. Although my infatuation with caring for animals began when I was a small child, it’s fair to say that working closely with animals over all these years has only further deepened the bond that I feel. My past experiences with animal welfare has inspired me to work harder to make a greater difference in the life of each pet that I possibly can. It has been a pleasure meeting some of the families that care for these pets and seeing how much they love and cherish their furry family members. I’m excited to be a part of the SNKC team and eager to work with the community towards a greater good!

When I’m not at SNKC, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and a great group of friends that I really consider my family. I also play father to a clan of pets that include 2 dogs and 2 cats. My pets enjoy walks in the park, and are BIG FANS of cuddling. I’m also a movie buff and enjoy films of all genres. Finally, I’m a fitness enthusiast and use working out as a catharsis to help deal with stress and better manage my health. As a former certified personal trainer, I enjoyed inspiring people to work towards meeting their fitness goals. Long story short — I just love to help make positive changes however I can. If you see me out and about, be sure to say “Hello!”

My personal motto is: No day, but today!

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Marcos Harders

Street Team Lead

I have always had a passion for caring for, and rescuing animals. When I first got into animal rescue/service, I served as a foster-parent for dogs that had special needs, such as those recovering from severe injury, being nursed back to health illness, and those someone just didn’t want.

I began volunteering for SNKC about two years ago. I hadn’t really heard a lot about SNKC until my partner and I adopted our second fur-baby, Noah. The shelter coordinator with P.A.W.S. (Protective Animal Welfare Society) told us about SNKC. We needed an inexpensive place to get vaccinations for all of our babies, and the shelter coordinator recommended them.

We went to a walk-in clinic on a Saturday. The staff and the techs that day were AMAZING! Their interactions with me, my babies, and others were compassionate, and sincere. Two weeks later… I was sitting in a Volunteer Orientation and, I never looked back!

As a volunteer with SNKC, I helped with weekend walk-in clinics, the off-site vaccination clinics, TNR, the Pet Food Pantry, education booths, and canvassing. My experience with volunteering was enlightening, humbling, and gratifying. Out of those three, I’d have to say humbling is something that has stuck with me the most. No matter what event I’m helping with, it always amazing to see how the volunteers and staff at SNKC touch lives in the community.

As an employee, I look forward to continuing helping SNKC serve the community, and educate pet-parents on the importance of keeping their pets healthy. I feel so proud to be a part of SNKC!