Off-site Clinics

Many of our clients have no means of transportation, so we are able to increase the number of families we serve when we go out to them, instead of hoping those families come to us.

Off-site mobile clinics have been successful in reaching underserved areas in human healthcare including flu vaccines, asthma vans, child centered assessments, dentistry, mammograms, and many more. Our offsite clinic program replicates that model to ensure families receive the services they need to keep their pet healthy and safe.

Basic health care and vaccinations are vital to keeping the community healthy and safe. We conduct off-site clinics that offer low cost vaccinations, city licenses, microchipping, and often have vouchers for low cost spays and neuters. You can even schedule spay or neuter surgery at an off-site clinic for your pet to be seen at our clinic.


Check for an upcoming offsite clinic near you!