Report Animal Abuse

Report Animal Abuse or Cruelty in Missouri

If you observe a life threatening situation, please call Kansas City, Missouri Animal Control at 311 or 816-513-1313, or call 911 if you witness animal abuse.

How to Report a Suspected Case of Animal Cruelty or Neglect

Animal cruelty is wrong and against the law in every state. Abuse of any kind should be reported to the appropriate authorities immediately.

Because a report of animal cruelty may result in a criminal investigation, please start by contacting your local police department or animal control division to make a complaint. Remember, without helpful tips from concerned pet-lovers like yourself, many animals in the community would remain in abusive circumstances. You CAN make a difference!

Operation Bark Alert

In 1992, Missouri led the nation by becoming one of only a handful of states with a dog regulatory program. In a continued effort, in 2009, Missouri once again took the lead in cracking down on unlicensed breeders with the launch of Operation Bark Alert. Since the launch of this program, more than 4,300 dogs have been rescued in across Missouri in 2009, resulting in an ever-decreasing number of commercial breeders in our state.

Operation Bark Alert has an online reporting system making it easier for you to help us locate unlicensed breeders in Missouri. Every tip from the public is investigated.

Help the Missouri Department of Agriculture crackdown on unlicensed breeders. If you know of an unlicensed breeder in Missouri putting the health and welfare of animals at risk, report them!

Learn more about the Animal Care Facilities Act

Animal Health Division

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